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Solutions for Space



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Space is for All!

Have you ever wondered that you and your business are within reach of the international space industry?

It does not matter, in which sector you excel, there are opportunities for you related to space!

New Space makes you and your business SEXY!

Would you like your company to be involved
in creating value and safeguarding our planet?

At SpaceABC we will help you to become a force in driving this development!

Let’s bring the benefits from space to Earth, or from Earth to space!

Our vision is to have a fully sustainable future as multiplanetary

humans and multiplanetary companies!

This is the future that inspires!

Our world-class experts at SpaceABC recognized by international space organizations such as the European Space Agency, take You and your business to the space sector!

We offer solutions related to space both for companies and You,
as an individual!

SpaceABC Group is an integrated space consultancy with two major business units:

Strategic Space Advisory

Space Healthcare Company


Your Mission Specialist

Get in touch with SpaceABC to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Budapest, Hungary, Earth


957 NASA Pkwy # 1142
Houston, TX 77058
United States, Earth

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